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My Emotional DNA

At My Emotional DNA, our mission is to uncover and transform the hidden emotions that influence your thought patterns, ultimately reshaping your life experience.


Listening to Your Story

In our sessions, our skilled practitioners focus on actively listening to the patterns within your narrative. We aim to unearth deeper layers of emotional patterns that might be influencing every aspect of your life.


Identifying Hidden Emotions

Once we’ve identified a deep-seated emotion influencing your thoughts and actions, we utilize thought experiments to find and replace it with a new emotion that aligns with your life goals.


Integration and Nurturing

The journey doesn’t stop at replacement. Through ongoing thought experiments and a process of nurturing, we guide you to integrate the new emotion. This integration triggers an epigenetic process — a scientifically supported method for achieving lasting shifts in behavior and thought patterns.

How Our Approach Differs

While many methods focus on the surface of your experiences, My Emotional DNA dives deep into the core — your emotional DNA. We don’t just aim to rewire your brain; we strive to rewrite your life by identifying and transforming the core emotions that drive your thoughts and actions


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If you’re tired of feeling stuck, step into a new story with My Emotional DNA. Utilize our free tool and rewrite your journey for the transformation you deserve.

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